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Centuries ago, the streets of NorthEast India marked the origination of an exciting dice betting game Jhandi Munda. A culturally rooted dice game, Jhandi Munda has stood the test of time and is still enjoyed by a majority of people in India. Jhandi Munda is known as Langur Burja in Nepal and goes by the Crown and Anchor name in other parts of the world.


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Having dominated the Indian betting scenario for quite a while now, Jhandi Munda has peaked in popularity recently owing to its online presence. And with high-quality visuals and several exciting features, Indian players are rushing to try out this exciting game from the comfort of their home.

Are you one of those players who are looking to try their hands at a good Jhandi Munda game in India? If so, then you’re indeed at the right place! With us, you can find a list of the top casino sites offering this exciting casino game to Indian players. But before you indulge yourself in the gaming action, we recommend you to go through this guide as it will help you in getting acquainted with the rules and other things of the game. Let’s get started!

History of Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a traditional dice betting game that is quite popular among Indian players. Although the exact origins of the game are shrouded in mystery, it’s widely believed that Jhandi Munda originated in the streets of Arunachal Pradesh. From there, it managed to reach neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Today, Jhandi Munda is quite popular in these countries and is often played on festive days like Dashain, Dashami, and Tihar.

Many casino players often relate Jhandi Munda to the Chinese game Sic Bo. But it’s important to note that the two games come with many different rules, with the only similarity being the use of dice.

Jhandi Munda is similar to the Crown and Anchor game played in European countries. Crown and Anchor is a game similar to Ludo, with the major difference being that the dice of Crown and Anchor make use of six different symbols instead of numbers.

How to Play Jhandi Munda?

As with many other casino games, Jhandi Munda comes with simple and easy-to-understand rules. The game is played with six 6-sided dice, which are just like the normal ludo dice with the only major difference being that they have symbols printed on them instead of numbers. The six symbols - diamond, spade, club, heart, flag, and face - are often replicated on the gaming board.

As a player, your aim in the game is to wager on how many of your selected symbols will appear face-up most often. If one or more of your selected symbols appear face up, you get paid as per the pay table of the game.

Below is the basic rundown of a Jhandi Munda game:

  • Player wager on which symbol they believe will appear face up on the dice.
  • All six of the dice are then thrown by the dealer.
  • The player whose chosen symbol appears face-up the most time wins.
  • If your chosen symbol doesn’t appear, you lose.

Where can I Play Jhandi Munda Online?

A highly popular casino game, Jhandi Munda can be found at several online casinos catering to Indian players. 10Cric is a highly popular casino on the Indian market, especially when it comes to Indian casino classics.

10Cric provides players the chance to try their hands at this exciting dice betting game by Microgaming online. As mentioned earlier, Jhandi Munda is known as “Crown and Anchor” around the world. So, it goes by the name Crown and Anchor on the 10Cric site.

If you’re familiar with the rules of Jhandi Munda, then you can easily play Microgaming’s Crown and Anchor as it works in the same way as the Indian dice betting game. In Crown and Anchor, your aim is to wager on how many times you think your selected symbol will be the outcome of the dice roll.

However, it’s important to note that the online version might come with slight variations as compared to the traditional game you’re used to. For instance, instead of the face and flag symbol in the classic game, you’ll find a crown and anchor in the Microgaming game. Also, instead of six dice, the online variant may sometimes make use of just three dice.

Upon loading the Crown and Anchor game by Microgaming, you first need to select a symbol you feel will appear face-up most often. Then you need to select the amount you wish to wager by picking a chip. Bets in the game are placed by clicking on the betting-board symbol.

After clicking the ‘Play’ button on your screen, the dice will be rolled. Then little red markers are placed on the betting board symbols, and if it happens that you’ve placed a wager on the marked symbol, you win.

Play Jhandi Munda Online for Real Cash

When playing Jhandi Munda, you have the option to place bets for real money. Below are the best casino sites and apps to play the game for real cash.

Jhandi Munda Sites

Pure Casino

Pure Casino

Type of games: Online casino version

Platform : Desktop and Mobile

Overview: Pure Casino provides players with the chance to try their hands at an exciting online Jhandi Munda game by MPlay. The game comes with high-quality graphics and has several exciting features, making for an immersive and authentic Jhandi Munda experience.

Review: Pure Casino is a highly localized casino site for Indian players. Besides Jhandi Munda, the casino offers hundreds of several exciting casino games. With Pure Casino, you can make deposits in Indian Rupees, and they have several bonuses and promotions on offer as well. With a professional and friendly customer support team, Pure Casino is a highly recommended site for Indian players.



Type of games: Online casino version

Platform: Desktop and mobile

Overview: JeetWin provides an exciting Jhandi Munda game that comes with top-notch graphics and mesmerizing soundtracks. Also, the game comes with a 2X Bonus feature that can win you a decent amount of money, if you get lucky.

Review: JeetWin is another great casino for Indian players. Operated by a reputable company in the iGaming industry, JeetWin provides players the chance to try their hands at hundreds of exciting casino games. With JeetWin, you can easily make Rupees payments via all the local popular payment methods. Also, the casino offers an exciting welcome bonus to new players, and there are several promotional rewards available for regular players as well. Join JeetWin now!

Jhandi Munda Apps

Below you’ll find some of the top apps to enjoy the exciting game of Jhandi Munda online:

Maxima Gaming

Jhandi Munda by Maxima Gaming

If you enjoy the thrills and excitement of mobile gaming, then you can seek the ultimate mobile gaming experience with the Jhandi Munda app by Maxima Gaming.

The app comes with high-quality visuals and real-life sound effects, so players can expect a highly immersive Jhandi Munda experience on their smartphone or tablet. As far as the safety and privacy reasons are concerned, the app makes use of the latest safety and security protocols that provide players with a peaceful Jhandi Munda experience. Also, the app is regularly audited by third parties to prove its authenticity, giving you the required peace of mind.

Highlights of the Jhandi Munda by Maxima Gaming app:

  • Quick and hassle-free registration process
  • Immersive game design with attractive visuals
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • High safety and security standards in place

Jhandi Munda by NepDroid

Another great app to enjoy the exciting game is Jhandi Munda by NepDroid. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and allows you to have a spectacular gaming experience from the comfort of your couch, anywhere, anytime. Also, it allows you to play Jhandi Munda with your friends and family, making for a highly entertaining Jhandi Munda experience.

Features of the Jhandi Munda by NepDroid app:

  • Play traditional Jhandi Munda with virtual coins
  • High-quality visuals and graphics
  • Earn daily rewards
  • Earn more coins by watching videos

Jhandi Munda Terms

Here are the most common Jhandi Munda terms that will help you get started with the game:

Munda/Mukut/Burja - Hindi word for the crown symbol

Jhandi/Jhanda - Hindi word for flag symbol in the dice

Chiri/Chiriya - Hindi word for club symbol in the dice

Paan - Hindi word for the heart symbol

Hukum - Hindi word for the spade symbol

Langur - Hindi word for anchor

Eent - Hindi word for the diamond symbol in the dice

Cold symbols - The symbols that have not won any rolls

Hot symbols - The symbols that have appeared face-up most often

Host/Dealer - The person who rolls the dice in the game

Jhandi Munda Payouts

When playing Jhandi Munda online, the payout usually differs from one game provider to another. Nevertheless, most online casinos have adopted a progressive Jhandi Munda payout, which is as follows:

Number of Jhandis/symbols Payout
1 Jhandi Bet Amount + 1x Stake
2 Jhandi Bet Amount + 2x Stake
3 Jhandi Bet Amount + 3x Stake
4 Jhandi Bet Amount + 4x Stake
5 Jhandi Bet Amount + 5x Stake
6 Jhandi Bet Amount + 6x Stake

Here’s an example to make this more concrete. Let’s say you place a wager that the heart symbol will appear face up most often. Say, three Diamond symbols appear face-up out of the six rolled dices. Assuming you’ve played a wager of Rs. 100, your payout will be (100 + 3x100) = Rs. 400. Theoretically, the maximum amount that you can win in an online Jhandi Munda game is 7x your stake.

Play Jhandi Munda for Free vs Real Money

If you’re new to the game of Jhandi Munda, it makes sense to know the rules and other aspects of the game first. As such, there are several online casinos that allow you to play the game for free before trying it for real money. That way, you have the chance to get acquainted with the basics and rules of the game. Also, playing for free allows you to test your own strategy to see what works and what doesn’t.

Once you feel that you’ve gained enough confidence, you can add funds into your casino account using one of the available payment methods and start playing the game for real cash. Just make sure that you wager within your limits as it will make for a more memorable and entertaining Jhandi Munda experience.

Jhandi Munda Variants

Because of the simplicity of Jhandi Munda, there are mainly two variants of the game. The first one is much like Sic Bo, where players wager on which symbol they think will appear face up most often. Here, the player who is able to guess correctly after the six dice are rolled wins. As mentioned earlier, your earning potential in the variant varies according to the number of symbols you’re able to guess right. The more symbols you manage to get face-up, the higher your payout will be.

The second variation of the game offers a fixed return of 3.4x on your bet, no matter how many times your selected appear face-up after the dice are rolled. However, if you do the math, you’ll find that the payout is the same as the traditional variant of Jhandi Munda. For 3 symbols the payout is 3x your wager and for 4 symbols, the player receives 5x the wager. This goes on up to 6x the bet. That way, the expected value of one dice roll ranging between 1 and 6 is 3.5, calculated as (1+2+3+4+5+6)/6 = 3.5.

Jhandi Munda Strategies

As the game of Jhandi Munda is based on the element of luck, there’s nothing that can ensure guaranteed wins every time you play the game online. That being said, there are some strategies that can help you in improving your overall chances of winning.

There are two types of symbols in Jhandi Munda – hot symbols and cold symbols. Hot symbols are the ones that appear face up most often, whereas cold symbols are the ones that don’t appear face up most of the time. When playing online, the game will show the list of the hot and cold symbols based on the last 50 or 100 rolls. As a player, you can choose to bet on any of the hot symbols.

Also, you can choose to set a maximum deposit limit for that particular betting session or day. While this may not improve your overall chances of winning, it will definitely ensure that you don’t incur huge losses and also make for a memorable Jhandi Munda experience.

The Different Formats of Jhandi Munda Online

The game of Jhandi Munda can be played in 3 different formats online. They are:

Online/Virtual Jhandi Munda

Online or Virtual Jhandi Munda is based on a computer program that acts as a dummy dealer. Online Jhandi Munda makes use of RNG software which ensures that the outcome of the game is completely random. Here, a player interface is available for players to make bets, and the result status is displayed on your screen after each game round.

Live Jhandi Munda

For players who want to experience the thrill and excitement of land-based Jhandi Munda from the comfort of their home, this variant is the apt choice. In Live Jhandi Munda, there is a real human dealer who controls the gaming action. Also, the live chat feature in this format allows you to interact with the dealer and other players in real-time.

Mobile Jhandi Munda

With the advancement in mobile technology, you can now play your favorite Jhandi Munda games on your smartphone or tablet. The main advantage of mobile Jhandi Munda is that you can access the games whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have a steady internet connection. You don’t have to travel anywhere or be confined to your desktop PC to play; you are carrying the game in your pocket with mobile Jhandi Munda.

Is Jhandi Munda Legal in India?

Is Jhandi Munda Legal in India?

The gambling-related laws in India are complex and difficult to interpret. On a federal level, there are no specific laws that restrict players from playing online casino games in the country. However, the center has given each Indian state the authority to decide the legality of gambling within their territories.

That being said, the state of Sikkim, Nagaland, and Goa has made it possible for their citizens to enjoy land-based and online casino gaming with licensed operators. Maharashtra and some other states, on the other hand, have chosen to restrict casino gaming within their territories. So, it’s not possible for players to play Jhandi Munda within these states.

Alternatively, casino players can choose to play Jhandi Munda with licensed international casinos like the ones that are recommended on our site. As these casino operators are based outside India, they are not subject to Indian gambling laws, making it possible for Indian players to play Jhandi Munda online.

Jhandi Munda FAQ’s

Online Jhandi Munda is an exciting dice betting game that has a lot of fun on offer! It is played with six 6-sided dice featuring different symbols, and your aim here is to wager on which symbol you think will appear face up most often.
To win at online Jhandi Munda, you need to predict which of the six symbols will come face up the most when the dice is rolled.
Because of the game’s simplicity, there are mainly two variants of online Jhandi Munda. The traditional variant requires players to get most face-up symbols, while the payout is based on the number of Jhandies in the second one.
Jhandi Munda is based on the element of chance, so there’s nothing that can assure you guaranteed wins in the game. However, if you keep an eye on the hot symbols (those that appear more often) and cold symbols (those that appear less often), you can place more informed bets.
Yes. Many online casinos allow players to play Jhandi Munda against a human dealer in real-time. The live stream is of HD quality, and hence, you can have an immersive land-based gambling experience from the comfort of your own home.
No. it’s impossible to cheat at online Jhandi Munda. So, if you find any resources or software that claims to cheat at this game, then it’s totally a scam.
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