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App Name Rummy Noble
Download link Noble
Welcome Bonus Rs. 41
Referral and Commission Rs. 80 to Rs. 100 for each valid referral. 30 percent tax commission on their deposit or winning value. 
Minimum Withdrawal/Deposit Rs. 100 
Withdrawal methods UPI and Bank Transfer
Size Around 57 MB (Safe to Use)

Refer and Earn

Refer and earn

Earning money through this app has now become much easier. Friends, this app brings you an interesting Refer & Earn program that lets you earn unlimited referral bonuses.

It is just like the Refer & Earn program offered by other rummy apps. It is very easy to get started with this. Just share your unique referral code or link. Your friends, to become valid player, needs to deposit at least Rs. 1000.

Guys, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind the app offers a 60 percent commission on your friend’s deposited amount. Previously, it was 30 percent. This is a major reason why people love this app. 

When you invite one friend, you will get Rs. 80. The app offers Rs. 100 when you invite two or more friends to join the app. 

We can say that you will not feel disappointed by choosing Rummy Noble download now. Why? Because it gives you a chance to earn lakhs without any hassle. 

This is also a major part of the app’s weekly program. If you have installed the app, then don’t wait much and start sharing your referral link now. So, friends, enjoy your gaming time.

Steps To Invite Your Friends and Colleagues 

  • Launch the app and find the Refer & Earn option. Click on that.
  • Now you need to click on the Copy Link option to copy the referral link.
  • Once copied, share the link or your unique referral code with all your friends and family members.
  • When your friends use that link to download the app and complete the registration, they will get Rs. 41. But you will earn Rs. 80 for each referral. Furthermore, the apps offer a 60 percent commission on a friend’s tax amount. 

This way, you can earn unlimited money. But for this, your friends will have to deposit an amount of Rs. 1000. Share your link through WhatsApp and Facebook now! 

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How to Claim the Referral Rewards

Earn as many bonuses as possible, as you can now easily transfer those rewards directly to your bank account. Thanks to the app’s easy and safe rewards claim procedure. So, now just focus on earning bonuses.  

One of the major sources of earning bonuses is your friends. The more friends you will invite, the higher will be your referral and weekly bonuses.

How to claim the Referral rewards

Steps To Claim Referral Bonus In This App

  1. In order to claim your referral bonus, launch the app.
  2. Now, click on the Refer & Earn option, located lower-left corner of the screen. 
  3. A window will appear with total available bonuses that include your FIFA World Cup referral bonus, monthly bonus, weekly bonus, and more. 
  4. Find the Claim option marked in green color. Click on it and enter the required information to proceed. Your bonus claim request will be then processed, and the payment will be done within 2 to 5 minutes. Check your bank account to know whether the amount has been credited or not. 

How to deposit on Rummy Noble

Congratulations on downloading the Rummy Noble app. But before you start playing the available games, you need to add money to the app. And they have made it a lot easier to deposit cash. 

The minimum amount you can deposit is Rs. 100, which is comparatively lower than the minimum deposit limit of other rummy apps. You can complete the payment using the UPI method.

The maximum amount you can add is Rs. 1,00,000. Before you can add cash, you will have to bind your phone number.

On the other hand, this rummy app offers you a deposit bonus for adding cash. This is a great way to increase your total deposit amount. And if you add cash regularly for 30 days, the app offer Rs. 5053 as an extra bonus. 


A Guide To Deposit Cash Inn This App 

  • For this, you need to launch the app and locate the chip icon on the home page. You can find it in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on that icon. Now you can find multiple payment amount options, ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Choose one option based on your budget.
  • Once selected, you need to click on the Add Chips options.
  • Complete the required KYC procedure and choose the payment method. For this, you can use apps like Gpay, Paytm, PhonePe, and more. 
  • That’s it. Within a few minutes, you will find the amount deposited in our game wallet. Besides, you will also get your first deposit bonus instantly.

Now let’s talk about the most interesting part, i.e., the deposit bonus. If you check the app, you will find that when you deposit Rs. 1000 and more, the app offers a bonus. The more you deposit, the more bonus you will get.

  • When you deposit Rs. 1000, you will get a bonus of Rs. 20.
  • For depositing Rs. 3000, the app offers a deposit bonus of Rs. 75.
  • Add Rs. 5000 and more, and you can earn Rs. 150 extra. 
  • For Rs. 8000 and more, your deposit bonus will be Rs. 280. 
  • Deposit Rs.  10,000 and earn a bonus of Rs 400 instantly. 
  • You will receive Rs. 1350 as a bonus when you add Rs. 30,000. 
  • For Rs. 50,000, you will earn a bonus of Rs 2500. 
  • Earn Rs. 5500 as a deposit bonus by adding Rs. 1,00,000. 

How to withdraw money on Rummy Noble:

Does this rummy app allow you to withdraw your winning money? Of course, yes. In fact, the app’s withdrawal process is quite fast and simple. We have tried it, and the entire procedure just took around 2 to 4 minutes for us. 

The App has a minimum withdrawal limit, i.e., Rs. 100. You are allowed to withdraw through UPI or a bank account. 

Well, there is no limit on the total amount you can withdraw. But you can raise a withdrawal request of Rs. 10,000 in a day. The app doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees for this, and you don’t need to submit any ID proof. Just bind your phone number, and you are ready to go.


Follow these Steps To Withdraw Money

  • First, you need to launch the rummy app and check your balance. It should be more than Rs. 100. 
  • Now while on the home page, you need to click on the withdraw option. 
  • You can now see your total available balance as well as your withdrawable balance on a new window. 
  • You need to enter the desired amount and then click on the Withdraw option. 
  • They will verify your request and process it within a few minutes.  
  • Once processed, you will get your amount within just 5 minutes. In some cases, it may take 24 hours. 
  • During this procedure, if you face any issue, then you can always get in touch with their customer support team to raise a complaint.

How to play on Rummy Noble

Car Roulette is a popular and exciting online roulette game, and while playing it, you will feel like you are playing a car racing game. Place the bet on your favorite car brand, and if you win, the reward is yours. You can play with real players.

How to play
  1. Launch the Rummy Noble app and log into the app. 
  2. While on the home page, you can see the Car Roulette game icon. Click on it to begin downloading, and then click again to launch the game. 
  3. Inside the game, you will see different car logos and sections on which you need to place your bet. The minimum amount you can bet is Rs. 10, and the maximum betting limit is Rs. 10,000. Choose a section and place your bet. 
  4. Before participating, we suggest you go through the rules of this game and check the payout of every car logo.  
  5. If you choose the Land Rover logo, the payout will be 5x of the total bet. If you have placed a bet on Lamborghini, and you win, then you will receive 20x of the total bet. 
  6. Every player will get around 20 seconds to choose and place the bet. While betting, make sure that you choose the right area.  
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Bonuses on Rummy Noble

While using this rummy app, you can take advantage of multiple bonus programs to earn more. You can withdraw your collected bonuses to your bank account instantly. However, some major bonus programs are:

Weekly Bonus

Weekly Bonus

This is an interesting bonus program by Rummy Noble. As the name suggests, you need to make a cash deposit on Monday. If you meet the requirements, then you can check the mail to get your rewards the next day. 

That means you will get your rewards on Tuesday. The event’s deadline and other important dates will be notified to users through email. The collection method is click-mail-collection. Remember that, as per the rules; you need to collect your reward within 7 days. For more information, contact their customer support team.

Total Recharge Total Bonus
Rs. 5001+  Rs. 505+
Rs. 20001+ Rs. 1005+
Rs. 5001+ Rs. 2505+
Rs. 100001+ Rs. 5005+
Rs. 300001+ Rs. 30005+
Total Recharge Bonus
Rs. 500001+ Rs. 50005+
Rs. 1000001+ Rs. 100005+
Rs. 3000001+ Rs. 300005+
Rs. 5000001+ Rs. 500005+
Rs. 10000001+ Rs. 2000005+

Continuous Recharge Bonus

This is something that you will not find in other rummy apps. This special bonus program gives you a chance to receive up to Rs. 5053 when you recharge continuously.

The calculation method is very simple to understand. Just make sure that you are adding money constantly. Besides, to get qualified for this bonus, you will have to make a recharge of at least Rs. 100 and more. 

How much can you earn through this?

Before discussing more about this, keep in mind that this bonus doesn’t allow you to earn unlimited bonuses like the referral bonus program. The maximum bonus you can earn is Rs. 5053. 

If you recharge Rs. 100 for 3 days, then your bonus will be Rs. 59. 

By depositing continuously for 25 days, you can earn Rs. 1299. 

Earn Rs. 1599 when you add Rs. 100+ continuously for 30 days.

Progress Bonus
Monthly Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

If you are using the Rummy Noble APK and also making a deposit for the first time, then you will earn a decent first deposit bonus. 

However, to get this, you will have to ensure that you are meeting the event requirements. Once you deposit money, you will receive the bonus at 9:30 AM on the next day. 

If you are depositing more than Rs. 100 and below Rs. 3000, then you will get a deposit bonus of Rs. 50. 

If your first deposit amount is more than Rs. 10,000, then your bonus amount will be Rs. 1000. Check the app for more details.

ICC T20 Bonus

This bonus program is for cricket lovers. 

It was first introduced on 7th June 2020, and it can offer you a 2 percent referral commission. So, invite more, and you can get more.

For instance, if your friends bet Rs. 200 in the T20 World Cup, you will get 2 percent of that, i.e., Rs. 4. It will get credited to your account instantly. 

Level Bonus

Games available in Rummy Noble

It's easy to play any game in Rummy Noble app. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences as well. So, get ready and dive in.

7 Up Down

7 Up Down

Dragon vs Tiger

Dragon vs Tiger

Car Roulette

Car Roulette

Zoo Roulette

Zoo Roulette





Best of Five

Best of Five

3-Card Poker

3-Card Poker





Black Jack

Black Jack





Features of Rummy Noble

Not just the available games, the app come with some impressive features that make it popular. All these features will surely offer you a unique online gaming experience on the go. What’s more? Some features will help you increase your earning.

24×7 Assistance

A thing that makes a rummy app looks legit is its customer support service, and Rummy Noble provides its users with 24×7 customer support service. They also have a mail assistance feature through which you get help for any issue. Another benefit of mail assistance is it helps you to keep yourself updated about the latest tournaments available in the app. You will get instant notifications on your device. Give it a try now. 

A Cool VIP Program

How about earning bonuses without adding a lot of money? Well, the app’s VIP program lets you enjoy this facility. Opt for this, and you will begin to earn different types of exclusive bonuses. You will love it. 

A Huge Selection of Games

It is normal to get bored when you play a game every day. But when you are using this app, you can easily keep your excitement level high. The app comes with a lot of games. In fact, it has more than 20 games like Poker, teen patti, and more. Just make sure you have sufficient chips to enjoy these games. 

Play With Real Players

While some rummy apps use bots, Rummy Noble lets you play with real players. No matter what the time is, when you log into the app, you can find real players around the country. Compete with them to earn money. 

Is Rummy Noble Legit

Most players have a common question in their mind, i.e., whether the Rummy Noble APK is verified or not. After all, as you will be investing your money to play games, it is crucial to ensure the legitimacy of the app.

Let us inform you guys that this Indian rummy app is 100 percent legit and has been dominating the market for years. Besides, it also pays well when you win a game. 

Besides, in terms of cash deposit and withdrawal, you will not face any issues, and they process all your requests instantly. And if you encounter any issues, get in touch with their customer support for an instant solution.

More than 80K people have downloaded this app, and they are earning real cash rewards through this app. Besides, it also offers amazing bonus programs using which you can make money without investing money. 

If you are searching for a reliable Rummy app with decent rewards, then click on the Rummy Noble download option now to get this cool app.

Latest offers on Rummy Noble


Enjoy A Unique FIFA World Cup Betting Experience

This app allows you to get indulged in both FIFA and T20 World Cup betting. However, this app is quite popular for its FIFA World Cup betting procedure. Apart from your winnings, you can also earn referral commission in this betting. 

When you invite your friends to participate in T20 and FIFA World Cup betting, you will receive a 3 percent commission on your friend’s betting amount. 

The best thing is that if you are betting for the first time, then you can get back 50 percent of your loss if you lost a bet. However, it is not applicable to Saba and BTi. The minimum betting range should be between Rs. 200 to Rs. 2000. 

So, guys, what are you thinking now? Invite your friends, bet on your favorite team, and get a chance to win more.

Rummy Noble VIP

If you wish to increase your earning and can spend some extra money, then opting for the VIP program of Rummy Noble APK can be an excellent option. It may look a little expensive, but this will unlock your door to the various bonus programs mentioned above. If you plan to use this app for a long time period, go for it. 

To activate your VIP account, you don’t need to purchase a specific pass. Just deposit a certain amount, and you are ready to go. But to win more through the bonus programs, you will have to invite more friends to join the app. 

If you haven’t opted for its agent program, then you can avoid increasing your VIP levels. However, if you are a Rummy Noble agent and have a good number of referrals, then increase your VIP level. 

The app has 20 different VIP levels, and your weekly, monthly, and level bonus will vary based on your current VIP level. 

Steps To Get Your VIP Membership

Activating your VIP membership is simple and fast. 

The easy activation process has made the VIP program more popular among users, and it also allows them to earn more attractive bonuses.

So, how to activate your VIP account? Let’s find out. 

First of all, you need to play games regularly. And when you think you are ready to dive deep into this app, then make a deposit of Rs. 500 or above to activate your VIP membership. Well, to upgrade your VIP level, you need to deposit more money. 

If you wish to make more money, then upgrade your VIP level.

By adding Rs. 10,000, your VIP level 1 will get upgraded to VIP level 2. And by adding Rs. 30,000, you can unlock VIP level 3. For more information, you can check out the app. Remember that the higher the VIP level, the more the bonus will be. 

VIP Program’s Benefits

The VIP program may look a little costly, but the benefits will be more. In fact, VIP members will get some exclusive benefits that no regular player can enjoy. The best thing is that you will earn more when you increase your VIP level. 

  • VIP 1- VIP 2: Even though this level doesn’t offer any special rewards, it can offer you a platform to grab some amazing bonuses. 

After reaching VIP Level 2, you will start receiving a monthly bonus of Rs. 60. Besides, you will also get a weekly bonus of Rs. 20 with this. However, try your best to increase your referrals to receive more bonuses. 

  • VIP 3: To activate your VIP level 3, you need to make a deposit of Rs. 30,000. This level will offer Rs.70 as a monthly bonus and Rs.40 as a weekly bonus. And yes, there also will be a level-up bonus of Rs. 15. 
  • VIP 4 and More: Keep increasing your VIP level, and your bonus rewards will also increase. You can increase your VIP level up to 20, and with VIP 20, you will get a weekly bonus of Rs. 210, a monthly bonus of Rs. 240, and your level bonus will be Rs. 100. 

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Rummy Noble Customer Care

The app comes with a dedicated FAQs section where you will get answers to all commonly asked questions. However, for any issue, you can contact their customer support team. 

This app has a live chat facility, and the team will resolve all the issues as soon as possible. No matter how complex the issue is, you will get instant solutions.

On their support page, you can click on the Live Chat option and then enter your email, name, and query. That’s it. You can now chat with the support experts.

Rummy Noble FAQ

Is Rummy Noble App Legit or Fake?

Based on the information available and transaction proofs, it can be concluded that the Rummy Noble APK is 100 percent legit. This rummy app is designed and developed by Ashenfallous Technology, and it offers real cash rewards. You can play with real players. So, you can download it without any hesitation.

Does This App Offer Good Customer Support?

Yes, the app provides its users with 24x7 customer support. You can get live support through their Telegram channel. They offer instant solutions.

What Is a Safe Feature In This App?

If you don’t want to withdraw your winning cash rewards now but want to keep it secured, then you can take advantage of the Safe feature. You can store all your money here and can take them out whenever you want.

How Much Will You Get As Sign-Up Bonus With This App?

This app offers a decent sign-up bonus to all first-time users. You will receive Rs. 41 as soon as you finish the sign-up process. So, choose Rummy Noble download now and earn attractive rewards.

How Can One Claim The Sign-Up Reward?

Well, you don’t need to follow any extra procedure to get your reward. All you need to do is to open this rummy app and then bind your contact number. Once you successfully bind your number, the bonus will be credited to your account.

How Long Does The Withdrawal Process Take?

This will depend on different things like your bank server, the method you choose, etc. If the request has been successfully processed, you will get the withdrawal amount credited to your account within 5 minutes. In some cases, it can take up to 24 hours.

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