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App Name Teen Patti Palace
Download Link Palace
Bonus Amount 10
Referral + Commission 100 Rupees per referral + 30% of their tax amounts
Minimum Withdrawal 100 Rupees
Withdrawal Methods UPI, IMPS
Size 51.5 MB

Refer and Earn

Refer and earn

With a phenomenal referral program, the Teen Patti Palace app has caught the eye of the entire industry. Bonuses and earnings are not just in games but can also be earned through referrals and referral bonuses. There are absolutely no restrictions and limitations to dampen your mood. With thrill, suspense, and nervous anticipation, you get to enjoy the sheer elevation of joy when you grab the wins. 

Through this app, you earn 30% of the commission for each friend you referred. The commission is applied to their tax amount. The moment they join through your referral and deposit, you will instantly receive cash. 

For the first successful referral, you’ll receive 80 rupees of bonus cash. For the second one, you’ll get 90 rupees, and then for the third one, you’ll receive 100 rupees. But not only that, there’s no stopping you after the third one. You’ll keep getting 100 rupees for every referral for an unlimited number of times, for all eternity.

On the contrary, the person signing up through your referred link is going to receive an amount of 40 rupees. Another specialty of this referral program is that there is no limit on the commission rate no matter how large the deposit amount the other player is. You are always going to receive the 30% of their deposit amount. 

To refer and earn, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Open the app and tap on your profile pic icon.
  • There you are going to find the ‘Refer and Earn’ tab. Click on it.
  • Under that tab, you are going to find three options namely ‘Whatsapp’ ‘Facebook’ and ‘Copy Link.’ 
  • The first two, are direct links that are used for quick sharing using those apps. 
  • Or else, you can copy the link of the app and share it with your friends and relatives or other social media sites apart from the mentioned ones.
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How to Claim the Referral Rewards

This is one of the very few apps that is packed with a bunch of surprises awaiting your every move. It is given to have a unique and exciting rewards distribution system when the referral program is unlikely from other apps. With the Teen Patti Palace app, you will never face any obstacle while taking the money that you have rightfully earned.

It is infused with the best and latest in-class payment methods which are highly safe and secure to avoid any inconvenience and for smooth transactions. It even has a transfer system like IMPS incorporated into it. 

How to claim the Referral rewards

Here are the steps:

  • Open the app and scroll through your homepage. Click on your profile pic icon and tap the ‘Refer and Earn’ option. There you can see many options popping up on the left side of the screen.
  • Rule: It describes all the instructions and rules to abide by to refer and earn.
  • Referrals: Here, you can see all the friends and relatives who have joined through your link.
  • Rank: This allows you to see your rank in the whole game per referral.
  • ‘My Bonus’ and ‘Bonus Record’ will further clarify your doubts regarding bonus amounts.
  • ‘Weekly Bonus’ gives you the stat of the bonuses collected in a week through this scheme.
  • ‘Progress Bonus’ shows you the current amount present based on your progress.
  • There is a ‘Claim’ option at the far right corner. Click and fill in all your bank details with precaution. Enter the amount you wish to take out. This amount will be safely transferred to your bank account for you to rejoice upon. 

How to deposit on Teen Patti Palace

If you are a consistent and regular who likes to play or bet online, then Teen Patti Palace is the destination you are looking for. Even if the sign-up bonus is pretty less, with your luck and persistence along with skills & experience, you can ace this app and make your pocket thicker in no time. You have the freedom to choose from 100 rupees to 1lakh rupees as your deposit amount. 

In order to earn big, you have to take risks and believe in your luck & skills. So, it’s up to your taste and personality completely. You can be someone who prefers long-term wealth building over short-term risks, or you can be one of those who enjoy riding the whirlwind as it is. Both of these approaches have their place in this app.


Here are the Quick and Easy Steps to Deposit to Your Account:

  • Open the app and browse through your homepage until you find the ‘Add Money’ option.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit. The common payments are in the range of 100s, 200s, 500s, 1000s, 5000s, and finally 10000s.
  • Choose one of these and proceed with the payment. 
  • Add your KYC details such as contact number, name, and email address over here.
  • Lastly, you are required to add one of the payment methods through which you will transfer your deposition funds. 
  • With this, the amount gets transferred to your in-wallet balance and you can now proceed with playing to your heart’s content. 

How to withdraw money on Teen Patti Palace:

Upon collecting a massive amount of rewards and earnings, you finally wish to withdraw and enjoy the celebration that you have rightfully earned. In order to enjoy the warmth of the real cash, you have to first withdraw, and in order to do that you have to use this app’s withdrawal scheme to get the cash. 

This app has a highly efficient and smooth withdrawal system with a minimum withdrawal amount of 100 rupees. Once you gain 100 rupees, you can immediately withdraw it. You even have the best-in-class payment methods such as ‘UPI’ and ‘Bank Transfer’ called ‘IMPS.’  Another benefit of this scheme is that you won’t have to verify your details here. No PAN card is required here. 

You have two options under this program, that is through UPI transfer or Bank transfer. These are the steps to achieve the withdrawal. 

  • You need a minimum amount of 100 rupees or else you cannot withdraw the amount. The bonus amount is ineligible to be withdrawn and you have to play to reach up to the minimum withdrawal amount to withdraw it by clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ tab. 
  • Fill in your bank details. Be cautious when you are filling up the form and enter the amount you want to withdraw. 
  • Upon clicking the video icon, your payment will be processed and shown as successful. 
  • The record next to the video icon shows you the current status.

In any case of errors and incomplete withdrawal, please do not submit the details again. This might result in getting wagers. In such cases, your first point of contact should be the application itself. Contact customer care to know about the reasons behind your not processed withdrawal. Submit the withdrawal again only if customer care tells you to do so.

How to play on Teen Patti Palace

This app has an efficient user-friendly interface with a huge library of games. So, if you are into betting & gaming and want to earn a hefty income, this app is for you where with your luck & skills, you can hit handsome earnings from the comfort of your own house. If you think that is exhilarating and exciting, then waste no time and jump right in. 

How to play
  • Open the app and log in to your account.
  • Need motivation to play further. Check the amount in your balance and feel happy about how much you have earned. And if you feel the need to, deposit some money for the upcoming session.
  • A lot of amazing games await you. It even has Jhandi Munda, Andhar Bahar, and many more thrilling games to keep you occupied and entertained.
  • If you want something new from time to time, there are enough options to keep you entertained in the app. The fun and the excitement never cease in the Teen Patti app. 
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Bonuses on Teen Patti Palace

There are commendable bonus schemes and offers in the Teen Patti Palace app that provide some type of boost to your current earnings. All these combined are going to make your gameplay worthwhile and thrilling. Here’s the thing though, for most of the bonus to attain, you ought to unlock the VIP membership and get a taste of those. 

Here are some of the most common and popular bonus schemes present on this app. 

Weekly Bonus

This is one of the most effective bonuses on this app without a doubt. But firstly, there are a few things to be done in order to get your hands on this bonus. First and foremost, you need to earn a few successful referrals through refer and earn. More people joining through your link results in more of 30% commission taxes you earn through them. 

The larger the referrals, the bigger the chance to land onto hefty Weekly bonus. The next thing is that you are going to need a VIP membership to get this Weekly bonus. This bonus only activates only you have VIP status on this app. 

The below chart represents the approximate bonuses earned for a certain range of referrals. If the amount of referrals exceeds 1lakh at the end of a week, you will receive a flat 200000 Weekly Bonus. 

Total Commission (in the last week) Weekly Bonus Earned Respectively
1000-3000 500
3001-5000 1000
5001-8000 3000
8001-10000 6000
10001-15000 10000
15001-20000 15000
20001-30000 20000
30001-50000 30000
50001-80000 60000
80001-100000 100000
Monthly Bonus

You receive this bonus on a monthly basis. The advantage of this bonus is that you don’t have to do anything or have luck or unlock anything. The only requirement is to play daily on this app to get this bonus at the end of each month without any limitations. 

Even though it is easy, this bonus has a certain condition as well. You have to obtain the VIP membership at level 2 at least. If you are a regular player, you can undoubtedly get to experience this bonus scheme.

This unique bonus program also plays a significant part in boosting your income. It’s paid above all the other bonuses you’ve already received. 

This bonus is distributed whenever you go past a level like going to level 3 from level 2. As you keep on stepping onto new levels, you’ll get level bonuses for each occasion.

Level Bonus

Games available in Teen Patti Palace

It's easy to play any game in Teen Patti Palace app. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences as well. So, get ready and dive in.



Andhar Bahar

Andhar Bahar

Teen Patti

Teen Patti



Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda





Best of Five

Best of Five



3-card Poker

3-card Poker

Fruit Line

Fruit Line

7 Up Down

7 Up Down



Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger



Ten Cards

Ten Cards

Features of Teen Patti Palace

This app has special features to make your experience exhilarating and your pocket much thicker. 

Safe and Secure

Here is another one of the reasons why this APK is popular among enthusiasts. It is because of the safe and secure platform the app offers to its users. It uses advanced SSL technologies to keep your data secure and safe. It helps the players from getting accessed by unauthorized access.

Bonus system

This app has some of the best bonus schemes compared to the rest of the apps out there. All of the mentioned bonuses are stable and you can easily use them without investing in them separately.

Quick Withdrawals

Almost every transaction completes under 1 hour of confirmation which is a super quick process in comparison to various other apps present out there. 

Library of Games:

Teen Patti Palace has a plethora of games that engage in real cash and are designed with high-quality & super-notch graphics and soundtracks.

Is Teen Patti Palace Legit

Teen Patti Palace is a legitimate and acceptable platform. The buzz created is enormous. The fascinating thing about this app is the credibility, trust, and popularity earned through its legitimacy. The safety protocols present inside the app are like cherry on top keeping you safe in each step. 

Even their certification speaks a lot about their credibility. It offered a sense of security. So, enjoy the games and focus on your earnings. The rest will be expertly managed by the app. Simply, click and download the Teen Patti Palace app and get started.

Teen Patti Palace VIP

This app provides you with a loyalty program called the VIP membership which has some perks attached to it. Upon attaining the VIP membership you can enjoy whole loads of bonuses along with some stunning offers that will leave you dumbfounded. Some such bonuses are the Daily bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, and level bonus. 

The VIP membership is only applicable if you deposit 500 rupees to unlock VIP level 1.

How to Become a VIP?

  • Browse through your homepage of the app and click on the  ‘VIP’ tab.
  • Choose the ‘Buy’ button to initiate the purchase.
  • Deposit a minimum amount of 500 rupees to activate this subscription.
  • Complete the transaction via your preferred payment method.
  • After the completion of the successful transaction, you will officially be a VIP member.
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Teen Patti Palace Customer Care

To troubleshoot your queries in the app, customer care is present for you anytime and anywhere. Just drop an email or contact them through the live chatting option. 

The email ID of customer care is [email protected]. Please make sure to be patient in case of late calls or responses since the staff gets busy or might face line congestion. 

Teen Patti Palace FAQ

Is it possible to claim the sign-up bonus even after having an existing account?

Yes, that is quite possible only if you haven’t bound your mobile number with the said account. But in case of successful binding, you cannot receive a sign-up bonus as it might end up blocking your account. But you can surely create an account on a different mobile with a different number and earn the bonus.

What is the minimum limit set for the amount withdrawn?

The minimum limit set for the amount withdrawn is Rs.100.

Is Teen Patti Palace safe to use?

Yes, Teen Patti Palace is safe to use with its legitimacy and certifications.

What is the loyalty program offered by Teen Patti Palace to its users?

Teen Patti Palace offers a VIP membership program to its users where they can gain amazing bonuses and benefits each day with terms and conditions applied.

What is the possible amount a player can earn through referral?

You get 100 rupees per referral and a 30% commission on their tax amount which has no limit.

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